Accidents and Emergencies

I have a current first aid certificate and have a first aid kit which is easily accessible. If a child in my care has an accident I will ensure all the children are safe and treat the injured child as appropriate.
In the event of an accident or incident involving injury to a child an accident record will be completed. This will include the date and time of the injury, a description of what happened and of the injury, details of how it was treated and by whom, the condition of the child following the incident. The record will be signed by me and the parent. I will keep the original record and provide the parent with a copy.
A separate form will be filled in for each incident and each child.
Parents will be expected to provide details of any injuries the child has when they arrive. This may mean making a record of the injury that will need to be signed.
Should an accident happen while we are out, I will follow the same procedure but complete the record when we return. I usually carry a small amount of first aid supplies with me and have a first aid kit in the car. I carry emergency contact numbers with me when out.
If the incident is significant I will inform Ofsted and any other relevant authority such as child protection agencies, the Health and Safety Executive and my insurance company as soon as possible.

Emergency medical care
If a child becomes ill or an accident requires emergency medical care. The child will be taken to a suitable medical centre in the most appropriate way. I will contact the parents of that child as soon as possible and stay with the child until their parent arrives. Parents will be asked to provide details, such as the name and contact details of the child’s GP and any relevant medical history or conditions. I will also hold permission from the parents to seek medical attention.
I might need to arrange suitable cover for the other children in my care. If so, I would ask Ellen, my next door neighbour, who is a qualified teacher. She may care for the children, here or next door. Alternatively I may ask another registered childminder, or other trusted adult. But all the children will remain with me until other arrangements can be made. In these circumstances I will call parents and ask them to collect their children as soon as possible.
If an accident requiring emergency medical treatment should occur while we are out, I will follow the same procedures. I carry contact details in my mobile phone.

Accidents affecting me
If I have an accident or am injured while the children are in my care, I may ask another adult to help me. If necessary I will call parents to ask them to collect their children.

Other emergencies
Should an emergency happen, which affects me or the children – such as a member of my family falling ill, or a major incident in the local area – I will take appropriate action and prioritise the safety of the children. I will contact parents as and when necessary.

Missing child
I will do all I can to ensure the children are kept safe and that the premises is secure. When we are out, children are supervised and I will teach them about keeping safe according to their age and understanding. However, should a child go missing I will:

  • Do all I can to find the child, as quickly as possible, whilst keeping other children safe. This might include asking other adults for help.
  • Contact the emergency services, if needed.
  • Contact the parents
  • Contact Ofsted. 

Should I need to evacuate my home for any reason while I am caring for children, I will take the following action.

  • Gather the children together
  • As a group make our way to the nearest exit, only stopping to pick up my mobile phone if it is safe to do so.
  • Once we are out of the property dial 999/112
  • Shelter at a neighbour’s house and await the emergency services
  • Contact the parents to let them know what has happened 

Evacuation will be practised with the children on a regular basis. 


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Normal hours

My normal hours are below but if you need hours outside these please ask.

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